A Little About Reign  

Who exactly is REIGN? Thatís the million dollar question burning in the minds of those who recognize "Reign" as the pen name of a woman who is a bit shy about revealing her true identity.

Whatís she hiding? Absolutely nothing. Reignís stories are clean; her books donít require brown paper wrappers or X ratings. If anything, the author simply wants to publish modern day parables that donít run and hide from the realities of our day. The minister is ever-present in her work as she debunks biblical myths and erroneous teaching without being preachy.

The powerful Dilemma Series enables Reign to tackle controversial topics such as cheating preachers, homosexuality, fornication, and religion without betraying her calling as a minister of the Gospel or the loyalties that are required of her position.

Reign earnestly desires to reach readers who (1) donít generally read fiction and (2) who grapple with serious life issues not always addressed from the pulpit. Her books assist women in finding their worthiness and redemption in Christ. Reign, in fact, writes the truth in love.

PAST: Born and raised in Camden, New Jersey, Reign began writing stories in the form of song lyrics at a young age. She was a musician who played in night clubs in the tri-state area of Philly, New York, and New Jersey in a group comprised of her brother and three other childhood friends. Yet, Reign loved to read, which developed into an interest in literature and publishing. Her various contributions to the publishing industry parlayed into the ownership of a small press that is swiftly gaining notoriety as a major influence in book sales to a largely African American market.

PRESENT: Reign the entrepreneur and author is also Reign the wife and mother of six children. Family is first for Reign as she also juggles duties as an ordained minister who specializes in encouraging women in their worthiness to live and love at their fullest.

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